What is Oriental Integrative Medicine?

The Short Answer...

”It’s new, it’s improved, it’s old fashioned”… -Tom Waits

The Long Answer...


My view of Integrative medicine is not a vast toolbox of tricks and tips, pulled piecemeal from the medical traditions of the east or west, nor leaning to favor the new nor the old. “Oriental Integrative Medicine” as practiced here at Center Medicine is an attempt at the synthesis, exploration and clarification of the threads of understanding of the human body and the cause and cure of human disease.

We live in a time where we are constantly inundated with “the next best thing.” Even In the most straightlaced paths of Western conventional medicine there are breakthroughs:  wonder drugs, new surgical procedures, stronger microscopes and more sensitive lab testing. These are generally considered progress and not wishful thinking even when they disrupt the comfort or stability of our current understanding. We once thought the Earth was flat and the sun revolved around it. As we learned more, and small portions of our ignorance resolved, we didn’t throw away all our maps or burn the charts of constellations. We took those aspects that had both been reliably useful and were adaptable to our new understanding and continued forward.

So what is Oriental Integrative Medicine? It is the term I’ve chosen to discuss the most recent state of Chinese medicine as I understand it. A Practice Informed, but not constrained, by the tenants and practices of the classical age. A method Informed, but not constrained by the innovation and developments that occurred throughout the imperial court lineages, and even the more recent notions of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). An understanding Informed but not constrained by the wealth of bio-medical knowledge acquired in the modern age.