Gabriel Stern - L, AC., RN.


My study and practice in the medical field began in 2002; starting in the western medical world as an emergency medical technician, and continuing on to become a registered nurse specializing in intensive care. As much as I enjoyed the work in those areas, I chose to pursue an advanced degree in Chinese Medicine in order to further my own knowledge and understanding of the nature of disease.

I am a graduate of Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine where, along with our standard education in Traditional Chinese Medicine, there was extensive training in the Shen-Hammer pulse Method. Additionally, there was considerable focus on the treatment of emotional disorders and the relationship between mental and physical disorders. In search of a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Chinese medicine, I completed a fellowship in Classical Chinese medical theory and the treatment of infertility under Yaron Siedman of the Hunyuan Research Institute, whom I continued to work with for several years after.

In the pursuit of an ever deepening understanding, my studies have also lead me into the worlds of the European and American herbal traditions under various teachers. I am currently training in the world of functional medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine. My training includes understanding their work on a holistic and systems-based approach to conventional (Western) medicine as it relates to dietary and lifestyle modification as well as the use of supplements when appropriate.

I truly believe that the confluence of how the principals within Chinese medicine are tangibly played out in the nuts and bolts of the human body is the next step in appropriate healthcare for our modern age.   



Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Bachelors of Health Sciences

Associates of Science in Nursing



NCCAOM: Diplomate of Oriental Medicine

NCCAOM board certified: Oriental Medicine

NCCAOM board certified: Acupuncture

NCCAOM board certified: Chinese Herbology

NCCAOM board certified: Bio-Medicine

Diplomat of Hunyuan Medicine