Jon K. West, BS, MS, MMP, PhD

I have known Gabriel Stern for several years. My medical condition is complex and I am generally in pain, sometimes severe. I decided to see what Chinese Medicine could do for me. Even without knowing my complete medical history, most of the critical conditions were identified by feeling my pulse. These included (but not limited to) heart disease, irregular heartbeat, kidney failure (stage 4), liver disease (currently in remission), pancreatitis, leukemia, lung disease (interstitial shadow), sleep apnea, diabetes, and the side effects of chemotherapy. I needed someone who knew both Western medicine and Chinese medicine.

He carefully reviewed my prescription medications and we discussed their interaction with one another as well as many herbal medications based upon Chinese medicine that could be used to help with my pain management and overall wellness. My overall goal was to reduce my pain and improve my quality of life. While using treatments that included Acupuncture, Massage, Cupping, and Thermal Treatments, my day to day wellness improved. By using Chinese Herbal tea mixtures, my severe reactions to chemotherapy and other prescription medication diminished greatly. My heart rate stabilized to the point that my cardiologist asked me what I was doing. Gabe improved something that my cardiologist could not do in over three years of trying.

I am exceedingly thankful for what Gabe was able to do. He helped me to realize that with improved diet and continued therapy my day to day wellness could be improved. Gabriel Stern used his impressive knowledge of both Western and Chinese Medicine to help give me less pain and improved wellness.

Michele B. Gainesville, FL

I met Gabe by chance when he was a Student Practitioner. I was new to Acupuncture and didn’t quite know what to expect. After meeting with Gabe, he was able to finally discover the “root” of my problems and began his recommended course of treatment. Within a short amount of time, I began to notice the changes. I loved that he always took the time to explain his treatments and what he hoped we’d achieve. The results always amazed me, and what surprised me the most was that not only were the treatments physically changing my life but emotionally as well. I admit I had doubts at times but I also had faith that he knew what he was doing. I am forever grateful for having the pleasure of meeting and working with him towards regaining my health.

Amanda T. Brooklyn, NY

in June 2015, I was in sorry shape: addicted to Ambien, with poor digestion and experiencing the emotional and physical anguish of menopause.

I have now been working with Gabe for a year and feel myself to be in an entirely difference space. I saw him approximately every two weeks. He would sometimes recommend tinctures I could use to aid in the process of overcoming whatever we were focusing on in that session. I appreciated the fact that there was complete transparency with the tinctures: when I was kicking Ambien, for example, his outfit would occasionally run out of what I needed. He gave me the formula that he thought would work best for me and told me where to get it. Similarly, with digestion problems, he recommended a simple and traditional do-it-yourself drink I could make with molasses and an inexpensive dried plant. No mystification! I now feel in control of my own health in way I have never experienced.

There’s so much more I could say about Gabe, his sense of humor, his deep impulse to understand and to help, his knowledge and expertise. But the bottom-line is he helped me out of a morass of difficulties and I feel like a different person. It was my first experience with acupuncture and he made it feel not-so-scary — which it isn’t. I am now a firm believer in its benefits and am grateful that I have it in my life as an invaluable resource to whatever ails me.

Gabe, I will miss you!

Traci Millett, A.P.

I had the privilege of being treated by Gabe Stern for over a year and have experienced amazing results on a variety of medical issues including polycystic ovarian disease. After I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts, I saw Gabe for treatment. When I went back to my Western doctor for a follow up ultrasound, all signs of ovarian cysts were gone! Gabe Stern has my highest recommendation. He is skilled in Chinese Medicine, herbs, and acupuncture, and his bedside manner is excellent. I was very sorry to see him go when he relocated!

Annapurna S. Brooklyn, NY

I had spent over a year with cyclical fevers and close to three months with recurring painful and elusive intestinal problems. I exhausted the western medicine approach and was at a point of fatigue and frustration with my health problems that didn’t seem to have a specific label and most doctors failed to pinpoint the cause or solution. I took a chance on Gabe Stern, after a couple interactions with him at a local medicinal herb shop. He had made a couple great recommendations off the cuff and I felt that perhaps this alternate solution might reap results. It did. After our initial intake he began testing different herbal approaches until we came upon one that seemed to relieve both of my problems. He tracked my progress over the course of six months and I did seem to improve dramatically over time. Beyond the benefits of Chinese Medicine, Gabe Stern offered around the clock availability for me to check in with him about my symptoms and any changes that I was experiencing. His needle work was thorough and intense (in the best way) and I would notice changes either directly after or a couple days after his work. Even when I was sick, he would treat my cold asap (for free) and do his best to make sure I was functioning to the best of my ability on any front. His approach is logical and methodical and he does not exclude any variables while creating his course of treatment. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has ever considered an alternate approach to health care or loves Chinese Medicine and wants to have an Internal Medicine doctor. His care is in-depth, meticulous, diligent and comprehensive.

Joe M. Jersey City, NJ

Gabe Stern is an honest and serious student of traditional Chinese medicine. He brings his experience working as an intensive care nurse to an ancient practice. He’s studied under a variety of teachers and is progressing towards his own personalized understanding of the subtle dynamics that govern someone’s general health and wellbeing. I know about his thinking because Gabe is generous with his time, and always willing to follow his patients on tangents that lead to a broader understanding of health and their body. His experience in western medicine only heightens his ability to communicate and broadens his perspective. I saw Gabe when typical routes to health failed me. I was overweight and over stressed. Gabe helped me come to a broader concept of health, I lost weight, and the patches on my tongue got less splotchy.

Marisa S. Brooklyn, NY

I was very lucky to come across Gabe when looking for an acupuncturist to help me with my anxiety and fertility issues. I was overwhelmingly stressed about not being able to conceive so my doctor had suggested I try acupuncture. Through Yelp I found the small store front where Gabe practiced. From my first session to my last Gabe was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and informative. He helped relieve me of my anxiety like I never thought would be possible. I also used to suffer from really bad night sweats and he helped relieve me of that too. With the help of Gabe and seeing a reproductive doctor, I was able to conceive. Unfortunately Gabe moved away during my pregnancy otherwise I would still be seeing him till this day. He was great and I will always be thankful for his help!