Center Medicine is dedicated to the restoration and maintenance of our patient’s health. At the core of our practice is working with each person as an individual. Rooted in a foundation of classical and contemporary Chinese medicine, and incorporating the ever expanding understanding of the human body through modern science, we are able to recognize that the various symptoms we experience are not necessarily individual issues to be treated, but the body’s response to a deeper underlying dysfunction. Through this recognition we are able to treat a wide range of health concerns by uncovering and rectifying the underlying conditions that have allowed these symptoms to arise.


Chinese Medicine provides a comprehensive conceptual model of human health with its origin stretching back over three thousand years. It is an outgrowth of the natural philosophic schools that strove to understand the factors that govern our individual health in the context of the world around us. Recognizing that we as humans are of this world, our bodies and minds are subject to these same natural pressures and cycles. As with most things that have withstood the test of time to remain with us from antiquity, the practice of Chinese Medicine has changed and grown. It has continued to evolve from a time when we lived in closer accord to the natural world, carried forward by the momentum of its own experience and the advancements of scientific research and discovery.


There are certainly times when treatment through modern medicine is both appropriate and necessary to sustaining health and life. During those times we are able to work in conjunction with your western medical practitioners, to provide you with the finest care available.