Center Medicine is dedicated to the restoration and maintenance of our patient’s health. At the core of this practice is working with each person as an individual. This means unraveling all the different threads that could be causing an issue, or the factors that are getting in the way of your ability to heal. 

We are here to help you mitigate and navigate the host of everyday aches, injuries and illnesses that we all face in the course of our daily lives. Center Medicine also specializes in the treatment of many of the more severe, chronic, or undiagnoseable medical conditions, for which many patients are either unresponsive to or dissatisfiedwith the results of their current course of treatment.


We employ a combination of various techniques, including


Herbal Medicine
Cupping & Massage
Dietary & Nutrition Education
Life Strategies & Discussions for Optimal Health


 There are certainly times when treatment through modern medicine is both appropriate and necessary to sustaining health and life. During those times, we are able to work in conjunction with
your Western medical practitioners, to provide you with the finest care available.