Roles of Treatment

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Center Medicine combines various approaches to healing to provide customized treatments

There are various roles that Oriental Integrative Medicine has in relation to everyday issues and chronic ailments alike.

Learn more about the methods used within any given treatment.


Target those small problems before they get bigger! Think of this as a tune up to keep you feeling your best. The preventative approach is perfect for those dealing with uncomfortable digestion, painful or irregular menstruation, poor sleep, or physical pain. Learn more about Preventative Treatments.


Past the point of prevention and looking for help outside of the traditional medical world? We address all issues from a whole body viewpoint to provide alternative understanding, treatment, healing for a wide range of physical and mental blocks. Learn more about Alternative Treatments with Center Medicine.



Oriental Integrative Medicine works alongside traditional medical treatments to address side effects, improve quality of life during treatments, and even reduce the recovery period. Learn more about Complementary Treatments and how they can work with your unique situation.

Last Resort

You’ve tried everything with unsatisfactory results. Whether you are undiagnosable, dealing with chronic mental or physical issues, allow Center Medicine to change your perspective and approach your care with from a holistic system of care. Learn more about Last Resort Treatments.